What To Do After You Launch Your New Website

What To Do After You Launch Your New Website

Your website is your home base and your store front, not just a business tool.

Increasing your social media followers and email list is a step in the right direction, but those numbers aren’t everything…

It’s equally important (if not more) to funnel patients back to the place where they can actually contact you directly to book an appointment: Your website.

For small business owners, their website it their most important tool. It’s where people browse your services, learn more about the business, book an appointment online, and even where your social media profiles are linked. Spending time on your website and making it look as good as possible can lead to patients eagerly purchasing booking an appointment, instead of just passing you by. 

Previously, we’ve talked about SEO. Just by creating SEO rich content, that creates increased website traffic. But there are other ways to boost those numbers.  


Think about social media as a bridge between patients and your business’s website. Posting about your business, whether it’s a picture of a happy patient on Instagram or a link to your recent blog post on Twitter, all of those need to lead back to your website. The point of having your business present on social media should be generate more traffic.

Get people excited to visit your site! You put a lot of work into it; show the world what you’ve created.


Now that you’re driving people to your website, the subject of mailing lists have probably crossed your mind.

More patients viewing your site means more patients signing up for your mailing list. This is a great tool for a business owner to utilize, since it directs your patients right back to your website. When you include a link to a blog post or a way to book an appointment on your site, it instantly leads patients back to your page.


How do you generate more site traffic? Is one method more effective than the other?

Consistency is the key. The best way to remain both consistent and relevant is to blog regularly. By sending a link to your most recent blog post in a mailing list, you’re giving your patients a reason to return to your site. Not only that, but if patients really enjoy what you’ve posted, they just might e-mail, tweet, or otherwise post a link to your website.

Spend some time on figuring out how you can best generate website traffic for your business. Every patient who visits your site only helps your practice grow.

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